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About Us



Student to Teacher Ratio

The ability to personally connect with each student is one of the strong points of the MCR-II Schools. Our teachers know and care about each one of their students and their success in education in our school.



Extra-Curricular Clubs

Wholistic education involves challenging our students in and out of the classroom. Our school district offers multiple clubs to support our student interests and help them develop their future plans and skills.



Sports Teams

Athletic competition does not merely teach physical skills, it teaches character and endurance. The Marion County Mustangs exemplify this focus on character success as well as winning games and competitions.


How can you make a difference?

MCR-II is more than just buildings with teachers and students. Our school is a part of the community here in Marion County. We are strong because of the support of all of those who make this place a part of their lives. From volunteering to attending events, MCR-II is always excited to see members of our communities coming together to further the mission we have of providing quality education to our students right here in Marion County, Missouri.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on these upcoming events and activities. Our students love to see the support of the Mustang Nation!

Volunteer opportunities

Want to get more involved volunteering with the school? Click below to get in touch with our administration!


Interested in joining our team at MCR-II? take a look at our open positions and employment policies here.